The Médulas is located 35 km from La Portela de Valcarce, and is a great engineering work of the Romans, which left a terrific amount of gold to Rome.
The Médulas was originally a Roman exploitation of open-pit gold, although indigenous peoples had already exploited the pre-Roman site, washing mud and sand. Surely the Romans started working in the area at the time of the emperor Octavian Augustus, who personally directed the majority of shares between 26 and 19 years a. C. finally conquered the peoples of the north of the Iberian peninsula.
It is worth noting the action of Mount Medulio, which verifies the Holocaust and Asturians Cantabrians, preferring death to be delivered. However, the location of Mount Medulio is still under discussion.
Pliny the Elder, who in his youth was mine manager, recounts that were extracted annually 20,000 pounds of gold, which, taking into account the 250 years of exploitation, would 5,000,000 pounds of gold, that is, 1635 000 kg. According to the professor and archaeologist Antonio Garcia Bellido, land removed reach 500 million cubic meters, which, by calculating an average yield of 3 grams per ton of soil, resulting in 1,500,000 kg.
As the number of employees, Pliny speaks of 60,000 workers manumitidos. Modern studies, based on the earth, about 10,000 or 20,000 men, with suppliers, guards, etc.. Pliny says in his writings hard work "is less brash and purple pearls look at the bottom of the sea that make this land of gold."
The massive engineering work done for the extraction of the mineral was a great destruction of the environment, but resulted in a grand and spectacular landscape of red sand, perfectly integrated with the vegetation of chestnut and oak, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.


          The Médulas chestnuts               The Médulas Farallón                Gallery in the Médulas              Aerial view of the Medulas


        The madrone in Médulas                      Eagle Peak                     Metallurgical Orellán town           The Médulas from the road

 Panoramic view